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Padmavat Movie Trailer Release 2018 in HD – Padmavati Official Trailer

Padmavat Movie Trailer Official HD
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Padmavat has rocked the whole country, not only with depicting the epic tale of Rani Padmavati, but also due to the huge controversy made by the Karni Sena in Rajasthan to ban the movie from releasing. The Padmavati Trailer was released in October 2017 and was supposed to hit the theaters in December 2017. But it was banned from release. The movie was renamed as Padmavat and the Padmavat Movie Trailer in the different sites. Watch Padmavat Movie Trailer Released 2018 in HD.

Padmavat Movie Trailer 2018

Padmavat Official Trailer is based on the poem written by Sufi Poet Malik Muhammad Jayasi which depicts the tale of the most beautiful women of the era Queen Padmavati and how Delhi Sultanate Alauddin Khilji declared a war for his titular for Padmavati.

What the Padmavat Official Trailer Shows

With the trailer of Padmavat, you can easily find out in how large scale the movie has been made. Sanjay Leela Bhansali is known for his way of depicting epic tales in a larger than life way. It is very colorful and shows the beauty of Rajputana along with the evil side of Alauddin Khilji.

The songs of the movie are also very colorful and touch your soul. The attractive Padmavat Movie Trailer Release 2018 in HD will definitely catch the attention of the movie lovers and will able to attract more audiences to the theater.

Padmavat Movie Trailer Review

With the Padmavat Trailer, you can easily experience the brilliant performance of each and everyone starred in the trailer. Deepika Padukone as the Rani Padmavati is magnificent in the colorful lehengas. Shahid Kapoor who is portraying the character of Rajput Ruler Ratan Singh looks brilliant with his subtle beard and long mustaches and catchy dialogues.

Padmavat Updated Release Date

But, among all this, in the Padmavati Trailer, there are three things that catch the attention, first one is definitely the beauty of Deepika Padukone, secondly the large sets and the battle sequences and the look of Ranveer Singh who is playing the character of Alauddin Khilji.

He is looking just like the character with a long beard, rounded mustache, chiseled body and that rude expression of a killer in his eyes. This will be the first time that Ranveer Sing will be playing a negative role.

Padmavat Movie Trailer Release Date

The Padmavat movie release date is scheduled for 25th January. Due to the controversy raised by the Karni Sena, the movie was delayed to release as they were trying to put a ban on the release of the movie. CBFC has cleared the movie with U/A certificate along with 5 modifications to which the makers of the movies agreed.

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However, after getting the clearance to release, there is no new Padmavat Movie Trailer Release 2018 in HD. This might be a promotional strategy by the makers as the controversy has already created a huge buzz to the movie.

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All the cinema fans are eagerly waiting for a new and final Padmavat Movie Trailer Release 2018 in HD. After the clearance to release on 25th January, there is no launch of the new Padmavat trailer. However, the existing trailer already has been viewed over 25 million time. This definitely shows how eagerly we all are waiting for the movie.

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