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Padmavat Movie Review

Set in the era of 1303 AD of medieval India, the movie Padmavat is based on the character depicted by the Sufi Poet Malik Muhammad Jayasi in his epic poem Padmavati. Padmavat is about the wise queen Padmavati of kingdom Chittor who was loved by his entire kingdom due to her wise nature and a strong sense of justice. The Padmavat Movie Review will play a vital role in the success of the movie as it is made on a huge budget and desperately needs a huge box office collection to recover the cost.

Padmavat Story, Star Cast, and Budget

Rani Padmavati was one of the most charismatic characters as told in the poem. She was beautiful, wise along with strong sense of justice. She was the wife of Maharawal Ratan Singh of Chittor. Chittor was a very prosperous region which was ruled by the wise rulers.

What is Padmaavat Movie all about?

The story about the beauty of Padmavati reached in all the four directions and reached to the Delhi Sultanate Alauddin Khilji. Alauddin Khilji was known to be a dictator and wanted to capture anything which is beyond beauty, thus he laid an army to the kingdom of Chittor. But, the brave Rajputs fought valiantly and Alauddin was defeated. After a long battle of six months, he returned back to Delhi. With the insult of the defeat, he again returned to Chittor with a huge army to capture Chittoor and Rani Padmavati.

Padmavat Movie Review


This time he succeeded in the battle, however, the queen Rani Padmavati along with her companions committed Jauhar (Self-immolation). So, this is the movie about great battles, honor, and pride. The movie is made on a huge budget as it crossed over 180 crores. Thus, audiences are expecting a mega tale to be told on 25th January 2018.

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Padmavat Full Star Casts & Crew

The start cast of Padmavat includes some of the best names in the Bollywood. The names and the roles played by the actors are: –

Actor Role Portrayed
Deepika Padukone Rani Padmavati
Shahid Kapoor Ratan Singh
Ranveer Singh Alauddin Khilji
Raza Murad Jalaluddin Khilji
Jim Sarbh Eunuch Malik Kafur
Aditi Rao Hydari Mehrunisa
Anupriya Goenka Nagmati (1st Wife of Ratan Singh and Chief Queen)

All the leading characters are played by the renowned stars that have got a huge fan base and acclaimed every time for their excellent performance. The leading stars are well supported by the supporting actors too as every name acted brilliantly in their roles.

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Thus, with such a great storyline along with the best star cast, there is a huge expectation for the movie. The trailers of the movie have already crossed over 20 million views and got Padmavat honest public review.

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Padmavat Movie Public Review

Based on the epic tale of Rani Padmavati, Padmavat Movie Review has been positive since the launch of its first trailer. The Padmavat honest public review will play a vital role in the success of the movie as the word of mouth will help a lot in attracting the crowd to the theatre.

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