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Padmavat 2nd Day Box Office Collection – Second Day Earning Prediction

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Padmavat 2nd Day Box Office Collection 2018

Finally, after a long struggle, Padmavati is going to get released on 25th January 2018. The movie was at first going to release on December, but due to the controversial comment made by the movie star Ranveer Singh, Karni Sena from Jaipur raised a huge protest against the release of the movie. That is why the movie was delayed to release and a big speculation is going on regarding the first and the Padmavat 2nd Day Box Office Collection.

Padmavat Movie Second Day Collection Prediction

Padmavati got the permission to release after few modifications. Now the movie is releasing with the title Padmavat. The movie is inspired by the epic poem “Padmavat written by Sufi Poet Malik Muhammad Jayasi in 1540.

Padmavat Movie Box Office Prediction

The tale is about the Queen Padmavati who was considered as one of the most beautiful women in that era. Her beauty enchanted the Delhi Sultanate Alauddin Khilji so much that he decided to capture her and declared a war against the Rajputs of Mewar. But the queen along with her companions committed Jauhar which is a kind of self-immolating to save their honour.

Padmavat 2nd Day Collection Prediction

The movie is directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali who is known for creating epic tales on a large scale. The movie is made on a budget of over 180 crores. Thus, the Padmavat 2nd Day Box Office Collection will play a vital role in the success of the movie. All the experts are predicting a huge opening for the movie ass it already got massive promotion due to the controversy and the movie has the biggest star cast along with the supporting staff.

The Box office collection of Padmavat for the second days is expected to cross over 80 crores in worldwide.

Things that Will Help Padmavat 2nd Day Box Office Collection

The movie was definitely delayed for a long time which has resulted in the extra cost of the production, but it has got the best date to release to. Padmavat is going hit the theaters on 25th January, i.e. Thursday. The next day is Republic Day a National Holiday, thus more people will turn up to the big theatres in the first four days due to the long weekend.

Factor of Padmavat Second Day Business

This is a smart choice made by the filmmakers as it is expected that in the first four days, the Box office collection of Padmavat will cross over 150 crores in worldwide.

Along with this, the controversy will also help in the collection as it has helped in the promotion of the movie. Thus, more and more people will be willing to experience the cause of such a huge buzz related to the movie.

Thus, Padmavat 2nd Day Box Office Collection will decide the fate of the movie as it will help to spread the words among the audiences and bring more viewers in the coming days.

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Padmavat Total Box Office Collection

Padmavat Total Earning on 2nd Day Box Office

The Padmavat 2nd Day Box Office Collection is expected to cross over 150 crores in worldwide as it is a National Holiday. Being a holiday, more and more people will turn on to the theatres to get some entertainment and Padmavati is one of the hottest topics in today’s gossips. With a strong star cast and good storyline, people have a great expectation for the movie.

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